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    Building community, accelerating the gig economy. We provide consulting, advisory, and SaaS across a range business sectors. We also produce the Interchain Live Media and Educational content. Engaging the Vermont and surrounding community to educate about and implement blockchain technology, while working with the global community to bring Vermont values to international enterprise. Integrated with startup, investor, and accelerator communities in Vermont, Boston, and New York, plus globally. A legal resources network built on collaboration, with specialties in fund raise, regulated token offerings, and blockchain legislation from various localities worldwide. As a sponsor of GBA and other local events, we help people find resources and connect for progress.

    Our network of blockchain developers can meet any need on the best platforms. We have resources for writing whitepapers and token design with experienced academics. Our founder has been in tech and around startups for 20+ years, plus experience in finance, agriculture, education, and human services. After watching bitcoin since 2011, we started working extensively to build strategic relationships. Our understanding of the tech, and ability to communicate to stake-holders has earned respect in those communities we have worked with. Our understanding of captive insurance, and the applications of blockchain to that and other sectors will play a key role in the evolution of this sector.

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