Welcome to Meet-Up Upper Valley!

(MUUV pronounced 'move' for short)

Help your employees learn about the Upper Valley while sharing common interests! MUUV is designed to help participants make connections with the people and places that make the Upper Valley so special. The MUUV program offers two to three events per month all over the region. To see current MUUV event and learn more about MUUV, visit www.meetupuppervalley.com

Become a MUUV Partner

As an employer, you can join with MUUV to enable your employees to attend MUUV events. By joining MUUV, you will:

  • Introduce potential and current employees to each other and the Upper Valley
  • Take advantage of an affordable benefit program for your employees
  • Take steps towards achieving employee retention and productivity goals

For more information on becoming a MUUV Partner click here.

Become an Event Host

Consider becoming an event host and highlight your business to a target audience. Create a unique event that gives participants a one-of-a-kind experience and leaves a lasting impression.

For more information on how to host an event,
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